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  • The Urban Erma: Don’t Hate on the Skinny Girl at the Gym

    Your workout and health goals are all about you. But sometimes when you’re on the treadmill, finally hitting your stride, keeping a pace that’s challenging but not impossible it’s natural to let your attention wander. And that’s when you’ll...

    ColumnsLeighann Lord
  • The Urban Erma: Indignation vs. Communication

    I was excited about a new bit of material I’d written because I’d only thought of it that morning; fleshed it out that day, and gotten it up onstage that night. That’s my personal stand-up comedy trifecta. With some...

    ColumnsLeighann Lord
  • The Urban Erma: A View from the Bridge

    The first straight play (non-musical) I did in college was Arthur Miller’s A View from the Bridge. That was the semester I was supposed to be taking a break from theater to focus on my studies. I only went...

    ColumnsLeighann Lord

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