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Comedy Advice Column

  • Addicted To Comedy: The Comedy Hack Day Experience

    When you decide to pursue a comedy-based career, sometimes it will require you to explore and test material beyond your comfort zone. Cultivated Wit created such an opportunity with their Comedy Hack Day events. They combine application developers and...

    Addicted to ComedyWayne Manigo
  • Addicted to Comedy: Creating a Promotional Comedy Video

    If you want to get booked for shows, you need to have the required tools to promote yourself. Until now, I have been able to get by due to "word of mouth" and my comedy references.

    Addicted to ComedyWayne Manigo
  • Addicted to Comedy: A New Level of Confidence

    My stagnate position needed to change, so I examined my comedy roots. I was raised on underground comedy. My favorite radio show as an adolescent was The Dr. Demento Show. He played a list of obscure artists (and up-and-coming...

    Addicted to ComedyWayne Manigo

Humor Column

  • The Urban Erma: Geriatric Stranger Danger

    New Yorkers are not rude people. It’s just that we can get through the day without a lot of extraneous chitchat. We can communicate with each other with a quick chin lift, a head nod, and if need be,...

    ColumnsLeighann Lord
  • The Urban Erma: My First Dragon Con

    I was invited to perform at my very first Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia. For science fiction/fantasy fans this is like being asked to suit up and be the starting quarterback for your favorite team during the Super Bowl....

    ColumnsLeighann Lord
  • The Urban Erma: Mission Accomplished: Welcome to Fog-a-licious San Francisco

    I’m geeked to be working in San Francisco this summer. They say its California’s version of New York, so I feel right at home in another city I can't afford to live in. Since it’s my first time in...

    ColumnsLeighann Lord