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Comic Spotlight

  • Comic Spotlight: Gianmarco Soresi

    New up and comer and multi-faceted comedian, Gianmarco Soresi might be most recognized as that “guy from the General Electric commercials,” but his light is shining brighter on upcoming projects such...

    FeaturedStage Time Staff

Addicted to Comedy

  • Addicted To Comedy: Quitting Comedy is Not an Option!

    When I started performing comedy seven years ago, I had no idea how to turn it into a career. Everyone starts out at the open mic shows, and finding how to...

    Addicted to ComedyWayne Manigo
  • Addicted to Comedy: Working On HBO’s ‘VEEP’

    As luck would have it, I was selected to work behind the scenes of HBO’s Emmy award-winning series, "VEEP," starring Julia-Louis-Dreyfus. The opportunity was created by a partnership with HBO, NOVAC...

    Addicted to ComedyWayne Manigo
  • Addicted To Comedy: The Weird World of BlowFly

    BlowFly’s musical style was a combination of original songs and parodies of hit records of the day...Since releasing his first LP in 1971, he continued to record over 25 albums throughout...

    Addicted to ComedyWayne Manigo
  • Addicted To Comedy: The Comedy Hack Day Experience

    When you decide to pursue a comedy-based career, sometimes it will require you to explore and test material beyond your comfort zone. Cultivated Wit created such an opportunity with their Comedy...

    Addicted to ComedyWayne Manigo