Monoblogue: Waterboarding

By | Posted Saturday, November 19, 2011

Michele Bachmann recently came out in favor of waterboarding: “Ya know, just because it’s unpopular, that’s no reason to keep it out of The Olympics!”

Next time you go to a seafood restaurant, order the roughy. And to drink, a smoothie.

I saw J. Edgar. It sucked. Like a Hoover.

That “sweat lodge” guy, James Arthur Ray, got sentenced to two years. “I just hope they keep my cell at a comfortable temperature…”

Joe Paterno has lung cancer. A sculptor will therefore be removing one lobe of the left lung from his statue at Penn State.

A first grade teacher is accused of making kids give her foot rubs. Sandusky’s reaction: “See, she’s twice as bad as me. I just make kids rub six inches.”

NASA is recruiting new astronauts. Their ad: “How would all you losers just taking up space like to take up space?”

The Postal Service is losing billions. Hey, geniuses – start by saving money by not putting mail boxes in front of every single post office.

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