Top 5 Best Comedy Albums of 2012

By | Posted Thursday, December 27, 2012
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5. Darryl Lenox: Blind Ambition

Lenox’s set is another that faces hardship with poise. Unlike another comic on this list who was struck with fateful news within a week of the show, Lenox has had time to compose himself after his distresses, surging over past despairs with an aged, wise humor. Then, with some big truths already in the air, he runs us through some good ole Canada vs. America and man vs. woman bits, rounding out one of the most complete experiences in comedy this year.




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Chris Milea

Chris Milea is a 22 year-old lover of standup, literature and spoken word. A 2012 graduate of New Paltz’s creative writing program, he recently survived a tour in corporate America. He believes artists have the power to show the people the way and he diligently studies his admired crafts with hope of helping slay the insufferable dragon that is the American mainstream.