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  • Confessions of a Comedian and a Real Bore

    A steadfast rule of writing comedy is to write what you know and on who you are. So, it has been interesting for me to observe a common theme among comedians....

    Marc Kaye
  • Comedy Blog: Are You Just a Weekend Comic?

    Being known as a weekend comic is a tag someone puts on themselves. I used to criticize comics that I knew had television credits and great talent. I used to say...

    Longhorn the Comedian
  • Stand-Up Comedy No-Nos

    There isn't a comic alive who doesn't reference the importance of "hitting as many open mics" as possible. I understand this completely. The hours and hours of practice and filming and...

    Marc Kaye
  • Comedy Blog: Kiss and Tail

    Before it's all over I want to compile a book of reluctant sex stories and have my friends to submit chapters describing their experiences. It would most certainly be a best...

    The Condo Comic